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Welcome to my world. I live on a ranch in the middle of Texas
Hill Country; “God’s Country” as it is known. There is just no stopping the beauty and creative possibilities that pour out in front of me daily.
I share them with you. With ballet, fiber art, and food as the birth place of my expressions I have branched out and blossomed here. Anything is possible. Come with me and create a new world.

Red Hot Jalepeno Jelly… How Sweet

ml/ October 2, 2014/ Uncategorized

 Summer is officially over by the calendar. Our Indian summer allows us a bounty of harvest from summers garden. When peppers come together with sugar sweet, there is a coolness that forgives the bite. Like being slapped then kissed. It’s worth it.  Jalapeno and pepper jelly, You’ll keep going back for more.  

Fish are Jumpin’……

ml/ August 13, 2014/ Out and About

Bay fishing in South Texas. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Had the full moon cooperated the catch would have rivaled our enthusiasm. In very short time with a little butter and love , these beauties will simmer and dance to our plates. Summertime, and the livin is easy.

Who Needs Ruby Slippers?!

ml/ August 4, 2014/ God loves us...Eat!, Ranch Poetry

If life is a bowl of cherries, Without you it’s the pits. If life is a puzzle, Without you the pieces don’t fit. If life is a song, Without you there’s no rhyme. If life is forever, Without you there’s no time.

Even Better.. Roasted Honey Fig Ice Cream

ml/ August 3, 2014/ God loves us...Eat!

Here is what you do with those luscious honey roasted figs… you make honey roasted fig ice cream! The creamy, smooth, ancient flavors of figs and …ice cream. (if ice cream isn’t ancient, believe me, they would have eaten it!) Usually when you lick the spoon and ice cream blade you try and show some restraint. Not here. Enjoy your

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Roasted Figs and honey

ml/ August 3, 2014/ God loves us...Eat!, Ranch Poetry

Figs and honey, there is nothing funny about a treat as serious as this. Like rose bud lips and dancing hips, Try and find a sweeter kiss.   Had Eve herself, found figs instead, She would have kept them all within. And Adam would found her happy, In that there is no sin.   So if you dare, share your

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Summer Silk

ml/ August 2, 2014/ Uncategorized

Summer silk. Graceful like a butterfly lighting on clear water. When it is this hot outside you need something to make you feel like a breeze. I can’t imagine you holding anything else other than a perfect blueberry pie. You will be the epitome of a summer sky. Time to call everyone to the table…your gorgeous table.

Deere John

ml/ August 1, 2014/ quilts, tractors

 When your niece looks at you and sais..” We can make a quilt together!!” You say.. ” you know it !” And you do, and you have a blast. Quilts are a process and you are missing the point if you don’t allow yourself to enjoy the way to the binding.   For her first quilt I think we nailed

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Encore Fathers Day

ml/ June 18, 2014/ Uncategorized

For when your father swept you up in his  arms and tossed you around like a boneless monkey, with you screaming all the while  to be released from the ecstatic  torture,  and directly  after being released , gasping for enough air in your tiny lungs to squeal, ” Do me again Daddy!” Encore!

Happy Father’s Day

ml/ June 15, 2014/ Uncategorized

Father’s Voice Judd Mortimer Lewis Sometimes I wake from dreams and wonder where I am for just a moment; a lisp Comes trembling to me; “Papa, are you there ?” Just those four words in just the faintest wisp Of a wee voice, a wee and frightened tone; And I make haste to answer: “Yes, dear, why?” And then she

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Blueberry Pie. The Mother of all pies.

ml/ June 13, 2014/ God loves us...Eat!

Bright, exotic and ever so berry. If apple is the father of all pies then blueberry is the Mother. Shimmering sapphires that brighten your disposition while quietly eradicating any and all free radicals within a 20 mile radius of your being. Blueberry pie. It’s good medicine. It’s my favorite pie. Please indulge.