Blueberry Pie. The Mother of all pies.

ml/ June 13, 2014/ God loves us...Eat!


Bright, exotic and ever so berry.
If apple is the father of all pies then blueberry is the Mother.
Shimmering sapphires that brighten your disposition while quietly eradicating any and all free radicals within a 20 mile radius of your being.
Blueberry pie. It’s good medicine.
It’s my favorite pie.
Please indulge.

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Welcome to my world. I live on a ranch in the middle of Texas
Hill Country; “God’s Country” as it is known. There is just no stopping the beauty and creative possibilities that pour out in front of me daily.
I share them with you. With ballet, fiber art, and food as the birth place of my expressions I have branched out and blossomed here. Anything is possible. Come with me and create a new world.