Who Needs Ruby Slippers?!


If life is a bowl of cherries,
Without you it’s the pits.

If life is a puzzle,
Without you the pieces don’t fit.

If life is a song,
Without you there’s no rhyme.

If life is forever,
Without you there’s no time.

Even Better.. Roasted Honey Fig Ice Cream


Here is what you do with those luscious honey roasted figs… you make honey roasted fig ice cream!
The creamy, smooth, ancient flavors of figs and …ice cream. (if ice cream isn’t ancient, believe me, they would have eaten it!)

Usually when you lick the spoon and ice cream blade you try and show some restraint. Not here.

Enjoy your sweet summer.

Roasted Figs and honey

IMG_20140803_030444Figs and honey, there is nothing funny

about a treat as serious as this.

Like rose bud lips and dancing hips,

Try and find a sweeter kiss.


Had Eve herself, found figs instead,

She would have kept them all within.

And Adam would found her happy,

In that there is no sin.


So if you dare, share your find

and bring a smile to faces.

But remember when you are all alone,

there are no social graces.



Blueberry Pie. The Mother of all pies.


Bright, exotic and ever so berry.
If apple is the father of all pies then blueberry is the Mother.
Shimmering sapphires that brighten your disposition while quietly eradicating any and all free radicals within a 20 mile radius of your being.
Blueberry pie. It’s good medicine.
It’s my favorite pie.
Please indulge.

Ladies..Start your engines!


It’s Alive!!!
Mom’s 40 year old sourdough stater. As a family we have kept the same stater going over 4 decades.

It is a member of the family and has traveled with me from fridge to fridge over many a move.

Here are a few facts about sourdough to add in the pro column:

– Lower glycemic index- It is a fermented food and in that process it gobbles up starch and therefore doesn’t spike blood sugar as dramatically as other breads.

– As a fermented food it gets after digesting starches before you have to as well as providing healthy bacteria natural to the flora and fauna of you, making it easier on your innards.

– Lactobacillus- a friendly bacteria More Lactobacillus means higher production of lactic acid, which means less of the potentially dangerous phytic acid and that is great; minerals are now available where they once where locked up in phytic acid grip.

-Gluten assist alert-again, fermenting action helps protein gluten be broken down into amino acids. If gluten is an issue this might be a bread that you can handle getting all the best out of a whole wheat bread and less of the gluten factor.

– Acetic acid–which inhibits the growth of mold, making sourdough its own natural preservative.

– Sourdough is rich in nutrients like vitamins B1-B6, B12, folate, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin E, selenium, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium–and uniquely balanced proteins and fatty acids.

It’s just good.

In the Raw-Turbinado Sugar


What’s the difference?
We have options these days. Is there a “better” choice?

There is the white stuff. And then we move into the various hybrids of light, dark and tan sugars.
It all boils down to molasses, the varying amount that is left to coat the sugar crystals that is the by product of cane sugar reduction.
True , molasses has a mineral content that could add up.These include calcium, iron, copper, potassium phosphorous, manganese and magnesium. Brown sugars also contains trace amounts of vitamins B3, B6 and B9. The minerals are very good for you but don’t try and get them all from cake.

Think about texture. Foods that touch your tongue in a way that keeps all those ADD taste buds paying attention.

Think of a cappuccino; sprinkle that crunchy stuff on top and let it do its magic against the creamy foam.

It’s all sweet.

Sugar sugar


It’s not going away. It is white sugar.

I am not here to judge.
I didn’t have to even scratch the surface before ‘evil’ came pouring out of the pages under the heading
‘sugar’. And yet, it is here and it serves a purpose.

The juice of the sugar cane or beet plants are boiled down to a reduction that reveals the crystallized extract.

Caramelization, that delightful, nutty, browning sweetness is attributed to the reaction that occurs when amino acids in proteins react with sugars in the presence of heat.

Also known as GBD. Golden Brown and Delicious.
The delicious part is what lingers in the memory of the experience.

Sugar is hydroscopic or water loving, this helps to retain moisture and texture to a food.
Sugar does not support microbial growth and therefore has an indefinite shelf life if kept sealed in a cool, dry place.
I would think not supporting unwanted microbial growth can be out in the plus column for sugar.

I have but only two suggestions for you to address any negative opinions surrounding this tiny white granule.
1) eat your vegetables.
2) get you butt out there and move around and make good use of all that happy energy. Do something great!

Oh and one last thought , be happy.
Letting other peoples opinions about whats good for you will spoil a work of art , like, caramel ice cream.

Red Wine and Carmalized Shallot Butter


 Talk about finishing a sauce.

When you know you want the good stuff this  rich wine laced and shallot butter will tickle that fancy.

Toss a slice or two in the pan after you pull out your steak, swirl around and drizzle…just drizzle .



ice cream coffee


Normally a 10:00 a.m. coffee break is what keeps the day on point.
However, sometimes, espresso in the afternoon lifts ones spirits.

And sometimes, whats wrong with a little caramel ice cream on the side?
Talk about lifting your spirits!!

Now, go cure something, dig a garden, finish that novel and make dinner.

Promises Kept


I promised you that a handsome meatloaf would be made devastatingly delicious if you topped it with my smoked tomato jam.

You would swoon if a fork was handy.

This little morsel of meatloaf I made with, of course, bacon, and a ring of venison sausage from our ranch.
Meatloaf is so warm and comfortable in that nostalgic from the oven kind of way. It is a versatile loaf of ground meat that you can eat hot, cold, warm, grilled, smoked, on a plate, between bread, or standing at the kitchen sink.

Please serve while wearing one of my aprons.
It’s meatloaf after all; dress it up!