Fish are Jumpin’……

IMG_20140812_041907Bay fishing in South Texas. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Had the full moon cooperated the catch would have rivaled our enthusiasm. In very short time with a little butter and love , these beauties will simmer and dance to our plates.

Summertime, and the livin is easy.
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BYOL-Bring Your Own Lobster



Lobster, the sweetest meat of the ocean, dipped in a nectar of drawn butter has always made me consider moving to Maine.
Alas, us boot wearing Texas Lobster Lovers can call upon the postal service and dine tonite on Gods gift from cold waters.
I love it so much I once had a BYOL party and a friend who attended borrowed the idea and nurtured the event in his own back yard.
It has grown for almost 20 years while I had only attended my own, the first party…until now.

An annual event of glorious proportion.
I am in awe. Look what love can do.

For the love of lobster.