Bluebird apron


Apron of the week will have you flying around the kitchen looking smart and passing out platters of mouth watering hors derves. I would recommend beverages that compliment your apron in flight on the lines of a Blue Bird.
This little song includes:
2 parts Gin
1 part Blue Curacao
1 part Lemon Juice
1 dash Orgeat (Almond) Syrup
Garnish: Orange Twist
Glass: Cocktail Glass
And just in case you have to explain it to your guests, blue Curacao is a liqueur flavored with the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, grown on the island of CuraƧao. It similar to ornage…but much more exotic…like yourself.

So in that case I think a we should stick with the blue theme and get yourself that shiny little blue cocktail dress you saw in the window.

Can you tell it’s warming up outside?
I am thinking of drinks that might involve a pool and some umbrellas.
You look Mah-velous!

Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning. You want to be equipped for the job.
Put this little blue apron around your waist and you will be empowered to right all wrong, shake out the curtains and even clean the fridge.

I recommend that after these chores you reward yourself with your feet up, an iced coffee and a huge oatmeal cookie.
Go Cookie!

May Flowers


NOT a drop of rain in April but I found you some May Flowers.
This would be perfect with a mint green fitted bodice dress and full skirt down to the soft pink pumps.

In your hands you hold a cake stand dawning a gorgeous Red velvet cake.
Be sure and wear a flower in your hair and lipstick to match the color of the red velvet.
So glad you dropped by, eat!

LYF’s -little yellow flowers …..on your apron!


You never know what will inspire you to follow a muse. Texas in the springtime is so stunning, so splendid , it rivals the vast landscapes of the Tetons and massive waterfalls off cliffs in Hawaii. Quite a declaration.
Here’s why.

The time that Texas spends weathering the seasons that not only make the land wonder if it will ever rain again but ask the people who live here to dig deep and believe that there is more than meets the eye to this country.

And then one day, while driving down a two lane Texas highway, you turn a corner and are so struck by the vision before you that you actually feel yourself inhale and hold your breath as you stay suspended in the moment.
Miles of Texas wild flowers forever remind us that just beneath the surface is beauty and bounty.
It’s called faith.
Happy Easter!

The power of Grandmother x 10!


Of course I smell the perfume of warm apple pie sewn into the seams of this functional fancy; but there is more.

Grandmothers show up with a core of black steely resolve to hold the loose ends of the family within the reach of Love.

She might look soft, she may smell of a floral dime store perfume, she could even wear aprons with rick rack, but lo be the fool who underestimates the beating heart that serves up your morning biscuits and gravy.

Now go wash your hands, take that hat off and don’t forget to look after your brother.

Black and White….and red… and pink …apron


Doing my part.
Buying clothes on impulse and then recycling them when I realized, ” What was I thinking?!”
This was one of those elasticized dresses that you can slip on in one movement. Keep in mind.. they come off in just the same way.

So a little good luck thrown in and what seemed like a good idea gone bad became a very good idea.

Nothing is black and white!

Which came first?


Spring chickens.

If you can imagine filling this apron with fresh eggs, walking back to your kitchen and making that sumptuous quiche you been jonesy-ing for all week

I fed the chickens every morning on the farm before I caught the big yellow bus.

Once I waited face to beak, until Chicken Little laid her egg. I ran that hot orb to the kitchen where a frying pan stood ready.
To this day, I hold the record for eating the freshest egg EVER!

Ribbons and cake


In honor of Spring, I bring you April in an apron.

I smell lemon cake served on floral china and can hear the cackling laughter of girls in a garden.

Put a flower in your hair, set the table and invite the girls over to celebrate a new world of verdant green sprouts, sunshine and fresh starts.
Notice I tailored the accents to accommodate your wardrobe in any color hue from daisies to day lilies; and yes, it is reversible for the “versatile” you.

Spring is in the air and oh!, look, you’re wearing it!!

It’s plowing time again


Let me plant the seed.

As Neil Young put it:
“In the field of opportunity , it’s plowing time again”
Your kitchen table will bow from the bounty of your harvest, but first you must plant the seeds.

As this long winter chill is thawed by the lengthening sunlight,
fill this apron with promises of summer harvest. Get your gloves, grab your hat, step into your boots and roll up your sleeves.

If it’s still snowing outside, grab the seed catalog, curl up by the fire , sip your tea and dream.

It can’t be a tomato until you think about how sweet that sun kissed red ruby fruit will taste when you bite into it.