Deere John


 When your niece looks at you and sais..” We can make a quilt together!!”

You say.. ” you know it !”

And you do, and you have a blast.

Quilts are a process and you are missing the point if you don’t allow yourself to enjoy the way to the binding.


For her first quilt I think we nailed it.

So when I get back to school I will show and tell what I did this summer… created alot of fun with my niece.


moo Q Tiramisumoo Q Tiramisu detail

Translated from Latin origins means literally,” A little pick me up”.
I made this, along with two or three renditions, because I love having texture and fabric in all rooms of the house and well… I love textiles and I cook.
Plus I had a bit of food related fabric on the shelves…ok… I had a lot of food fabric on the shelves.

And something on this order hanging anywhere in your vicinity will always pick you up!

Mon Petit Chou

moo Q Mon Petit Choumoo Q Mon Petit Chou detail

My Little Cabbage! The French so love their gardens that a little cabbage melts the heart.
This story book child’s quilt was born from the glee these little tender terms elicit between the adoring one and the adored.

I remember this piece being snatched up at a show before i could even get it out of the box.
My hope is that is brought a sparkle to the eye of a wee little cabbage.


moo qoo Ginkomoo qoo Ginko detail

I love the rich autumn tone that comes out of this piece; it could smell of sweet earth and mossy pathways through a dappled forest.



I always saw quilts as functional art,  and while you don’t want the dog having her puppies on them,  I love seeing the used.  Most clients hang them on a prominent wall and that works too.


Bon Journo!

moo Q Terrazzomoo Q Terrazzo detail

As you sit in the cafe, just a step away from the river of humanity but a world away at your little table with a perfect taza of biting and sweet espresso, you are refreshed. As you fall farther from the concerns of the pull to ‘get there’ and settle more in the calm of your very own paradise of the moment you notice the fountain.

Before long you are lost in the detail of the ancient tile mosaic beneath the laughing waters that offer a cool and steady reminder…Now, now now. It is good.It is very good.

Va Benne!


moo Q Purlingmoo Q Purling detail

” The purl of the water shimmered on the great mammals tail as it slipped into the crystal blue symphony of blue”

I am a water baby. Anytime I can put my toes in water I will.
This piece was inspired by my longing to find a home near the sea.

The fabrics were hand dyed as well as found; not surprisingly I had all of the water fabric in my stash just waiting to get on board.

Take Heart

Moo Q Blue drumMoo Q Blue fishMLB blue 5

When asked to create some pieces for the Museum of Modern Art in Austin, Texas for an installation celebrating the genre of Blues music; this is what came forth.

“I felt these pieces before I even touched the fabric. When I listen to the Blues , deep down , I hear a pulse, rhythms of Africa. In order to honor the spirit of where the Blues sound originates I began there, with the rich tones of that earth. There is an African folktale that claims man can actually take flight once he has over come his burdens. But in order to rise above these trials he must go through them. The deep textures and dark tones of the blues carry you up to the top of the piece . There, in the dim filtered ray of light you see winged things. And what better way out, than by embrassing who you are and carrying your own load to arrive; soul intact.
I listen to the Blues to feel better, to find company on a path wide enough for only one. What is it they say? “The Blues aint nothin’ but a good man feelin’  bad.” We shall over come.”


Moo Q EmancipationMLB red Q230.JPG

A darling little form fitting yellow A line with a flounce for Barbie was the first thing I ever sewed. She HAD to have it! There were these yellow pumps that needed a ‘something’.

Ever since then I have been cutting up perfectly good pieces of fabric and resewing them in to new pieces of fabric.
And then this happened!

Now with hand dyed fabrics and a voice for design that felt it would burst out of my chest, I began to quilt.

Funny, I used to think that they wouldn’t sell you fabric for quilting. You had to cut up old granny house dresses, flour sacks and work shirts.
Well, I got over that one.