Mon Petit Chou

moo Q Mon Petit Choumoo Q Mon Petit Chou detail

My Little Cabbage! The French so love their gardens that a little cabbage melts the heart.
This story book child’s quilt was born from the glee these little tender terms elicit between the adoring one and the adored.

I remember this piece being snatched up at a show before i could even get it out of the box.
My hope is that is brought a sparkle to the eye of a wee little cabbage.

Sugar sugar


It’s not going away. It is white sugar.

I am not here to judge.
I didn’t have to even scratch the surface before ‘evil’ came pouring out of the pages under the heading
‘sugar’. And yet, it is here and it serves a purpose.

The juice of the sugar cane or beet plants are boiled down to a reduction that reveals the crystallized extract.

Caramelization, that delightful, nutty, browning sweetness is attributed to the reaction that occurs when amino acids in proteins react with sugars in the presence of heat.

Also known as GBD. Golden Brown and Delicious.
The delicious part is what lingers in the memory of the experience.

Sugar is hydroscopic or water loving, this helps to retain moisture and texture to a food.
Sugar does not support microbial growth and therefore has an indefinite shelf life if kept sealed in a cool, dry place.
I would think not supporting unwanted microbial growth can be out in the plus column for sugar.

I have but only two suggestions for you to address any negative opinions surrounding this tiny white granule.
1) eat your vegetables.
2) get you butt out there and move around and make good use of all that happy energy. Do something great!

Oh and one last thought , be happy.
Letting other peoples opinions about whats good for you will spoil a work of art , like, caramel ice cream.

Happy Easter!


I adore Easter! If pressed I would call it my favorite holiday; nothing but fresh green newness, forgiveness, sweet ham , chocolate bunnies, and hunting eggs in your pajamas.

Mom always made holidays magical and Easter rivaled Christmas in my eyes. The anticipation of what the Easter Bunny left each of us was meet with a table spread with that weird green grass, Easter baskets, malted chocolate eggs, maybe a gift.

To boot, the Easter bunny minded his own business; there was no naughty or nice list, just line up and get your sugar rush.

Although… I never could figure out why bunnies were laying eggs.(?)

LYF’s -little yellow flowers …..on your apron!


You never know what will inspire you to follow a muse. Texas in the springtime is so stunning, so splendid , it rivals the vast landscapes of the Tetons and massive waterfalls off cliffs in Hawaii. Quite a declaration.
Here’s why.

The time that Texas spends weathering the seasons that not only make the land wonder if it will ever rain again but ask the people who live here to dig deep and believe that there is more than meets the eye to this country.

And then one day, while driving down a two lane Texas highway, you turn a corner and are so struck by the vision before you that you actually feel yourself inhale and hold your breath as you stay suspended in the moment.
Miles of Texas wild flowers forever remind us that just beneath the surface is beauty and bounty.
It’s called faith.
Happy Easter!

Red Wine and Carmalized Shallot Butter


 Talk about finishing a sauce.

When you know you want the good stuff this  rich wine laced and shallot butter will tickle that fancy.

Toss a slice or two in the pan after you pull out your steak, swirl around and drizzle…just drizzle .




moo qoo Ginkomoo qoo Ginko detail

I love the rich autumn tone that comes out of this piece; it could smell of sweet earth and mossy pathways through a dappled forest.



I always saw quilts as functional art,  and while you don’t want the dog having her puppies on them,  I love seeing the used.  Most clients hang them on a prominent wall and that works too.


Bon Journo!

moo Q Terrazzomoo Q Terrazzo detail

As you sit in the cafe, just a step away from the river of humanity but a world away at your little table with a perfect taza of biting and sweet espresso, you are refreshed. As you fall farther from the concerns of the pull to ‘get there’ and settle more in the calm of your very own paradise of the moment you notice the fountain.

Before long you are lost in the detail of the ancient tile mosaic beneath the laughing waters that offer a cool and steady reminder…Now, now now. It is good.It is very good.

Va Benne!

ice cream coffee


Normally a 10:00 a.m. coffee break is what keeps the day on point.
However, sometimes, espresso in the afternoon lifts ones spirits.

And sometimes, whats wrong with a little caramel ice cream on the side?
Talk about lifting your spirits!!

Now, go cure something, dig a garden, finish that novel and make dinner.

Forever Marigold


Dancing in the wind, Marigold and Royal Blue.

What is it about taking pure white fabric, dunking it in a color bath and watching it drink up the vibrant hues never to be the same again that excites me?
I don’t care. I love it!

Here we have the process you can see in action. It does involve a little “cooking” and tools of the trade but once you have them in your repertoire you can reach for them on any given day and change something… forever!

Wait until you see what I have planned for these beauties!

Promises Kept


I promised you that a handsome meatloaf would be made devastatingly delicious if you topped it with my smoked tomato jam.

You would swoon if a fork was handy.

This little morsel of meatloaf I made with, of course, bacon, and a ring of venison sausage from our ranch.
Meatloaf is so warm and comfortable in that nostalgic from the oven kind of way. It is a versatile loaf of ground meat that you can eat hot, cold, warm, grilled, smoked, on a plate, between bread, or standing at the kitchen sink.

Please serve while wearing one of my aprons.
It’s meatloaf after all; dress it up!