moo Q Purlingmoo Q Purling detail

” The purl of the water shimmered on the great mammals tail as it slipped into the crystal blue symphony of blue”

I am a water baby. Anytime I can put my toes in water I will.
This piece was inspired by my longing to find a home near the sea.

The fabrics were hand dyed as well as found; not surprisingly I had all of the water fabric in my stash just waiting to get on board.

Woof Treats to go


When you need to bring that perfect hostess gift, don’t forget her loyal companion.

The hound that stays on guard to vacuum up any unsightly spills and crumbs that may haveĀ  hit the floor deserves a thank you.

When your noble beast gazes at you with those soulful eyes, share the love.

Peanut butter laced and sweet carrot whole grain woof treats, all natural, all love.



My Mom…Marilyn Monroe


Spring and Summer on the farm meant that we all pulled together to gather the harvest and get hay in the barn before one of those random Texas thunder storms rolled into town.

We worked.

Eventually Mom would announce that we needed to make a run into town to get supplies. And with a shake of her head to release any loose hay, she would anoint lipstick and purse her lips together revealing a perfect rosebud that made her pearls dazzle.
And just like that, she was transformed.
Then we all hopped in the old 1947 Jeep with our movie star mom.

Marilyn Monroe had nothing on my Mom.

It made a huge impression on me, lipstick.
Pucker up and change your world.

Say Jalepeno!


Now say, dipped in chocolate, rolled in toasted nuts and currants, sprinkled with gray salt.
Now say yu-um!
If you think deconstructed mole and all the spicy sweet , Mariachi in your mouth fun it brings , you would be right.

You can’t tell me that you suddenly embrace bacon brownies but can’t see the adventure in this little tid bit.

Say Jalepeno!

Old Friends

2014-04-13 17.58.50

This happy couple I found in the parking lot at a mega gas/cleanrestroom/walkthepup/allyoucaneatjerky stops on one of my jaunts about Texas.
No surprise that someone who is hauling around their beloved tractor was also as friendly as his buddy in tow.

20140228_121228Richard here was taking his 1943 work horse to a tractor show where this piece of art spent most of his working hours, now that he has been retired to the back pasture.
Richard remembers taking the wheel of this gleaming red and white machine when he was a wee lad of 8, working the land on the family farm in Ohio.
While the storms of time parted these two, fate brought them back together.


Nice to see old friends hangin’ out.
They have that relaxed familiarity , comfortable and full of old stories.
They finished each others jokes.
Old friends….You can see it in their faces.

The power of Grandmother x 10!


Of course I smell the perfume of warm apple pie sewn into the seams of this functional fancy; but there is more.

Grandmothers show up with a core of black steely resolve to hold the loose ends of the family within the reach of Love.

She might look soft, she may smell of a floral dime store perfume, she could even wear aprons with rick rack, but lo be the fool who underestimates the beating heart that serves up your morning biscuits and gravy.

Now go wash your hands, take that hat off and don’t forget to look after your brother.

A Spot of Tea?


Petered out

“I am sorry to say that Peter was not very well during the evening.

His mother put him to bed, and made some camomile tea; and she gave a dose of it to Peter!

One table-spoonful to be taken at bed-time.”

These fresh little yellow flowers are surprisingly powerful,-Peter Rabbits’ MotherĀ  knew this- they lift your spirits by getting you to lay your burdens down.

So cheer up, sip some tea, have a good nap and then tomorrow will be a new day.
Now…Hop to it!

Just Eyes


Just Eyes
Judd Mortimer Lewis

I think I do-Nay; I know I do–
Like blue eyes passing well;
Not simply just because they are blue,
But–well, ’tis hard to tell!
And then, again, It isn’t hard–
I think I like their hue
Because– because of my regard
for you; your eyes are blue.

But were your eye of brown or gray
I’d tune my heart as true;
But to brown eyes or gray eyes sway
Instead of eyes of blue;
and I could sing with all my heart
To eyes of slaty hue;
Or black, black eyes whence lightnings dart,
If they belonged to you.

I think my first sweetheart had eyes
Of iridescent brown,
As sweet as vestal litanies;
Her tresses tumbled down,
Half hid two pink, delightful ears,
And sometimes–when she’d frown–
Heigh-oh! where was I? How the years
Hark back to eyes of brown!

But eyes of gray, or brown, or black,
Or iridescent hue,
While they are sweet yet, seem to lack
A something –is it you?
It must be you; were your eyes gray,
Or brown beneath their glam
I’d bow me in the same old way,
And love you just the same.

Truffle Butter!


I have never seen a truffle I couldn’t conquer.

And in this case you can devour them. Talk about empowering yourself.
Beyond that, this is a most delightful topper for so so many things from steak to pasta with the sauteed mushrooms and truffle madness all folded into for one heady, melt in your mouth sigh of buttery earthy flavor.

Black and White….and red… and pink …apron


Doing my part.
Buying clothes on impulse and then recycling them when I realized, ” What was I thinking?!”
This was one of those elasticized dresses that you can slip on in one movement. Keep in mind.. they come off in just the same way.

So a little good luck thrown in and what seemed like a good idea gone bad became a very good idea.

Nothing is black and white!