Just look at that face! The tractors of the American landscape are true unsung heroes. They have been willing to do our bidding from the early morning starlight to the last ray of golden sun.

We had a tractor barn on the farm in south Texas. The earth beneath the tires of that big John Deer was ground to a very fine soft powder. I loved feeling it sift between my toes; it smelled of oil and gasoline. It meant work well done.

You don’t need to hear the engine sputter and purr, or feel the jerk of a gear in place to know their service.
It is written all over their face.

God’s Green Earth


Through this garden gate is a land of magic, mystery and all that is good from God’s green earth.

I have to grow things.  Once while  away for a month and house sitting in Seattle, I took a ginger root and encouraged it to grow for me on a plate.

All things that grow are fair game here.

Coffee Break!


10:00, or there about, you can take it into 5th gear, over drive, rev it up  and focus down!

I never really drank coffee but for a cheap thrill and if I was a tad hungover and needed to talk.  Early on coffee was a way to have that Hagen Daz coffee ice cream experience …but warm.

My tastes have matured with our cultures coffee extravaganza.  Plus, the word is out and it’s final…

Coffee is good for you!!

Join me here everyday for a quick pick me up and some deep thoughts sprinkled with scintillating sarcasm and new observations . The most important one being, now that we have the perfect balance of caffeine and sugar in our blood stream… What are we going to do now?




Pure Poetry



Home, My Little Children, Hear Are Songs For You
by Robert Louis Stevenson
COME, my little children, here are songs for you;
Some are short and some are long, and all, all are new.
You must learn to sing them very small and clear,
Very true to time and tune and pleasing to the ear.
Mark the note that rises, mark the notes that fall,
Mark the time when broken, and the swing of it all.
So when night is come, and you have gone to bed,
All the songs you love to sing shall echo in your head.

The Bees Knees


Just look at him! See his little knees?! Weighed down with pollen it is surprising the little guy can heft himself up to the next blossom. This rosemary bush opened up the doors and lit up a neon sign for business,  this guy and a thousand of his buzzing buddies came for lunch.

Stay tuned. I will be havin hives of my own soon.

This is a nod to all creatures, no matter the size, and the enormous value , joy, beauty and bounty they bring to us.

I will share with you their world .

Apron Strings


One a week, You will get to muse over the latest one of kind aprons to dawn at your next festive gathering or to sport for your cat.

All of them are designed and handmade by yours truly. You never know where the fabric is coming from but I do know that when it comes together it  makes a statement  like ..” Get out of my way..I have hot gravy in this here skillet” or..” would you care for another shaving of truffle with your foie gras?”

I think aprons have finally come back, strings and all.

Sweet Lemony Goodness


Let me introduce you to Myer Lemon Marmalade. You will never experience this delicate perfume  in any other variety of lemon.   Myer lemons are a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon. There is a sweetness and almost herbal quality to this golden jewel of the citrus family.

I like to make marmalade’s in small batches to assure that they come together evenly.

And if there were a happy fruit, this would be it.

So sunny, so bright. If they had a sun sign they would be Leo.

Enjoy the kiss of summer in a jar.

IMG_20140219_095739 and yes, the lemons in the basket at top are in these jars!




My name is Mary Louise Butters

I will be your hostess. With a strong love and background in the food industry , performing arts, textiles, an eye for beauty and a farm girl from the get go: I will share with you my world.

Come in…here…eat!

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