It’s plowing time again


Let me plant the seed.

As Neil Young put it:
“In the field of opportunity , it’s plowing time again”
Your kitchen table will bow from the bounty of your harvest, but first you must plant the seeds.

As this long winter chill is thawed by the lengthening sunlight,
fill this apron with promises of summer harvest. Get your gloves, grab your hat, step into your boots and roll up your sleeves.

If it’s still snowing outside, grab the seed catalog, curl up by the fire , sip your tea and dream.

It can’t be a tomato until you think about how sweet that sun kissed red ruby fruit will taste when you bite into it.

Apron of the Week- St Patricks Plaid


In honor of St Patrick’s Day we have plaid. Wear it with plaid pride.

I fully lined this little number so feel free to wipe the pan, your hands or tears from a little lassies face. An apron was designed for the tough jobs of life as well as the tender mercies.

Can’t you hear the lilt of an Irish grandmother telling you that “There are fish in the sea better than have ever been caught. Now go play outside”

Apron of the Week


Fruits of your labor. This weeks featured apron.
I couldn’t resist this lively fabric and bounty of fruit to wrap around your waist and brighten up your day.
I hand dyed the red ruffle fabric by mixing a deep orange and a fuchsia to drink up the richness for a flash of color to punctuate your mood.

I can see this making a statement at your next gathering when you come to the door wearing a black silhouette deep plunging back-line dress and really about any color of heels you are feeling at the moment; red, hot pink, lemon yellow, eggplant, even lime green.
But by all means, do not forget the shock of lipstick!