Vanilla Tangerine Butter


I grew up on a citrus farm in the Rio Grande Valley.

Angels kissed the air with heady scents  of orange blossoms in the shade of swaying palm trees  overhead.  I can’t describe the indescribable.

But I can bring it to you in the form of butter!

Welcome your morning with the same uplifting smooch folded around creamy butter and a note of vanilla.

Gooooood Morning!


The Jury has spoken…


Butter does make everything better!
See exhibit b. Salted Caramel Butter.

I whipped this up to follow my chocolate butter.
It worked. Duh.

There isn’t a pancake or waffle that wouldn’t thank you for spreading the love around.

“Take a stick of butter…”


My friend Patty and I like to start our conversations with..”you take a stick of butter…”. After that you know it’s going to be good.
She also has a family recipe for a chocolate sauce, hence “take a stick of butter”, that I did and then I took another stick of butter and lookie lookie!! Chocolate Butter!

What, you ask, do you put it on?
Really!?? Anything and everything!
I had it for breakfast on my toast. I am very happy.

I will say it one more time.. let it sink in..
Chocolate Butter.
And you’re welcome.