Just Eyes

Just Eyes


Just Eyes
Judd Mortimer Lewis

I think I do-Nay; I know I do–
Like blue eyes passing well;
Not simply just because they are blue,
But–well, ’tis hard to tell!
And then, again, It isn’t hard–
I think I like their hue
Because– because of my regard
for you; your eyes are blue.

But were your eye of brown or gray
I’d tune my heart as true;
But to brown eyes or gray eyes sway
Instead of eyes of blue;
and I could sing with all my heart
To eyes of slaty hue;
Or black, black eyes whence lightnings dart,
If they belonged to you.

I think my first sweetheart had eyes
Of iridescent brown,
As sweet as vestal litanies;
Her tresses tumbled down,
Half hid two pink, delightful ears,
And sometimes–when she’d frown–
Heigh-oh! where was I? How the years
Hark back to eyes of brown!

But eyes of gray, or brown, or black,
Or iridescent hue,
While they are sweet yet, seem to lack
A something –is it you?
It must be you; were your eyes gray,
Or brown beneath their glam
I’d bow me in the same old way,
And love you just the same.

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