Little Bowls

Little Bowls


When you travel light you can stash miniature bowls and come home with tiny treasures. But look at the potential of tiny!

When you toast up that garlic but want it out of the oil before you add your mirepoix.
When you need to pinch something, like exotic sugar, gorgeous salt or turmeric.
When a little scooby snack of chocolate needs to be presented.
When you don’t use the whole head of garlic.
When you reduce a bottle of red wine and want to free the pan to reduce your balsamic.
When candied ginger is your thing but every bodies taste at the table.
When you are growing chamomile and it doesn’t all bloom at one time.
When honey and pepper flakes are calling out to fried chicken.

And.. well…

When you have a fetish for darling little bowls!

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