LYF’s -little yellow flowers …..on your apron!

LYF’s -little yellow flowers …..on your apron!


You never know what will inspire you to follow a muse. Texas in the springtime is so stunning, so splendid , it rivals the vast landscapes of the Tetons and massive waterfalls off cliffs in Hawaii. Quite a declaration.
Here’s why.

The time that Texas spends weathering the seasons that not only make the land wonder if it will ever rain again but ask the people who live here to dig deep and believe that there is more than meets the eye to this country.

And then one day, while driving down a two lane Texas highway, you turn a corner and are so struck by the vision before you that you actually feel yourself inhale and hold your breath as you stay suspended in the moment.
Miles of Texas wild flowers forever remind us that just beneath the surface is beauty and bounty.
It’s called faith.
Happy Easter!

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