Old Friends

Old Friends

2014-04-13 17.58.50

This happy couple I found in the parking lot at a mega gas/cleanrestroom/walkthepup/allyoucaneatjerky stops on one of my jaunts about Texas.
No surprise that someone who is hauling around their beloved tractor was also as friendly as his buddy in tow.

20140228_121228Richard here was taking his 1943 work horse to a tractor show where this piece of art spent most of his working hours, now that he has been retired to the back pasture.
Richard remembers taking the wheel of this gleaming red and white machine when he was a wee lad of 8, working the land on the family farm in Ohio.
While the storms of time parted these two, fate brought them back together.


Nice to see old friends hangin’ out.
They have that relaxed familiarity , comfortable and full of old stories.
They finished each others jokes.
Old friends….You can see it in their faces.

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