Sugar sugar

Sugar sugar


It’s not going away. It is white sugar.

I am not here to judge.
I didn’t have to even scratch the surface before ‘evil’ came pouring out of the pages under the heading
‘sugar’. And yet, it is here and it serves a purpose.

The juice of the sugar cane or beet plants are boiled down to a reduction that reveals the crystallized extract.

Caramelization, that delightful, nutty, browning sweetness is attributed to the reaction that occurs when amino acids in proteins react with sugars in the presence of heat.

Also known as GBD. Golden Brown and Delicious.
The delicious part is what lingers in the memory of the experience.

Sugar is hydroscopic or water loving, this helps to retain moisture and texture to a food.
Sugar does not support microbial growth and therefore has an indefinite shelf life if kept sealed in a cool, dry place.
I would think not supporting unwanted microbial growth can be out in the plus column for sugar.

I have but only two suggestions for you to address any negative opinions surrounding this tiny white granule.
1) eat your vegetables.
2) get you butt out there and move around and make good use of all that happy energy. Do something great!

Oh and one last thought , be happy.
Letting other peoples opinions about whats good for you will spoil a work of art , like, caramel ice cream.

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