Take Heart

Take Heart

Moo Q Blue drumMoo Q Blue fishMLB blue 5

When asked to create some pieces for the Museum of Modern Art in Austin, Texas for an installation celebrating the genre of Blues music; this is what came forth.

“I felt these pieces before I even touched the fabric. When I listen to the Blues , deep down , I hear a pulse, rhythms of Africa. In order to honor the spirit of where the Blues sound originates I began there, with the rich tones of that earth. There is an African folktale that claims man can actually take flight once he has over come his burdens. But in order to rise above these trials he must go through them. The deep textures and dark tones of the blues carry you up to the top of the piece . There, in the dim filtered ray of light you see winged things. And what better way out, than by embrassing who you are and carrying your own load to arrive; soul intact.
I listen to the Blues to feel better, to find company on a path wide enough for only one. What is it they say? “The Blues aint nothin’ but a good man feelin’  bad.” We shall over come.”

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